PSLE Online Course

Frustrated that your child had marks deducted even though they got the gist of the answer? In this module, your child will be introduced to the C-OEL technique that was developed from over a decade of teaching experience. This technique can help them get those marks by better framing and completing their answers to short-answer questions with keywords and key points.

What do you get?

  • Exclusive in-house study materials and practices.
  • Lesson recordings for you to easily re-watch classes post-bootcamp.
  • Free consultation with our tutor for one month post-bootcamp.

Who should join?

Year 2021 Primary 5 & 6 Science students

How much are the fees?

Worth S$450, Pinnacle Education Hub is offering this course at only S$250!



Course Details:​

Module 1:  Tackling Explanation Questions Part 1
– C-OEL Technique Introduction
Module 2: Tackling Explanation Questions Part 2
– C-OEL Technique Application
Module 3: Tackling Explanation Questions Part 3
– C-OEL Technique Application – Comparison Questions
Module 4: Answering Experimental Based Questions Part 1
– Introduction to Experimental Based questions, types of variables, aim of experiment
Module 5: Answering Experimental based Questions Part 2
– Interpreting graphs and tables, identifying trends and relationships, conclusion
Module 6: Answering Experimental based Questions Part 3
– Reliability of experiment, control setup, MORE practices

When and where will lessons be held?

Every Wednesday, 7 - 8.30pm
18th Nov - 23rd Dec
At the comfort of your home via Zoom videocall