Our Statistics

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Primary School scored AL3 and above for PSLE Science 2023

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Primary School scored AL3 and above for PSLE Math 2023

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Secondary students achieved distinction for 2023 GCE O-Level Math and Science

Explore Our Programmes

Primary 1

Kickstart your child’s first steps into schooling life with a strong foundation in Math.

Primary 2

As students settle in to primary school, students’ natural curiosity and inquistiveness are encouraged to be effective and lifelong learners.

Primary 3

As academic rigour picks up, students are introduced to new subjects such as Science.

Primary 4

A key transition period of students, students learn to build on their basics from Lower Primary with new knowledge and skills to be picked up in Upper Primary.

Primary 5

Students hone their understanding and analytical skills as they face more challenging and content-rich syllabus.

Primary 6

The culmination of the past 6 years of learning, students prepare to tackle the PSLE through rigorous practices to test their academic abilities and knowledge.

Secondary 1

As students enter a new phase of schooling life, they are also faced with greater breadth and depth in school subjects and have to adapt to the faster pace of learning.

Secondary 2

A pivotal year in secondary school as students wrap up their foundational topics and choose the subjects they wish to pursue in Upper Secondary.

Secondary 3

Students have to learn to juggle the increase in academic intensity whilst managing their co-curricular activities as schools start to focus on students’ performance.

Secondary 4

A milestone year for students as they prepare to sit for O Levels / IP exams, testing their language, knowledge and understanding, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Why Pinnacle Education Hub?

Our curriculum is specially curated by an ex-MOE teacher with 20 years of experience in teaching and publishing assessment books, ensuring a balance in effective learning and academic performance.

Find out how we can help to build the right knowledge, skills and dispositions to prepare your child for school and most importantly, for life.



Pinnacle Education Hub is founded by three scholarship-holders and one whose life is dedicated to pedagogy. Having experienced ourselves the doors that education opened for us, we have only one goal: to make available these opportunities to the next generation through quality education.