Key Features of Our Curriculum

Relevant to School Syllabus

Every lesson is designed to help your child master topics following their school syllabus to help them achieve key learning milestones. Having a small group size provides us the flexibility to customise the class based on their school syllabus. This provides room for progression and improvement, boosting the confidence of students.

Sharpen Exam Skills and Performance

Our in-house materials include features that help your child take notes efficiently, analyse questions and craft answers accurately. Our lesson are planned to encourage and motivate students to communicate, ask questions and clarify doubts.

Hands-on Learning

Our lesson is fun and engaging with hands-on activities that will help students to learn concepts and skills more effectively using actual experiences. This helps to stimulate and engage the right side of the brain that helps with creativity and imagination.

Addresses changing exam format

Exam formats are constantly changing. Fret not, the materials given to your child are based on our expert knowledge of the latest exam format and trends. Based on feedbacks from multiple channels, we are able to continuously update our curriculum and maintain the highest standard of excellence.