Our Background

Pinnacle Education Hub is founded by three scholarship-holders and one whose life is dedicated to pedagogy. Having experienced ourselves the doors that education opened for us, we have only one goal: to make available these opportunities to the next generation through quality education. We aspire to keep our lessons student-centric; each class is limited to a handful of students, and each lesson specifically designed to keep your children engaged and excited to learn. Our teaching method entails instilling in students a strong foundation in concepts, complemented by past-proven answering techniques to keep our students ready for examinations.

A strong advocate of critical thinking skills over rote learning techniques, we develop our own notes and practices to guide our students to see things from different angles. Co-authored by an MOE-trained teacher who has published several assessment books, Pinnacle Education Hub’s material will nevertheless be grounded towards national standards.

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During my time as an MOE education officer, I have noticed how some students struggle with a lack of familiarity with the syllabus. These students require stronger support that can only be provided by a smaller class enrolment. This made me determined to establish a centre that is able to provide affordable classes with the conducive environment needed for students to achieve mastery in Mathematics and Sciences.

In Pinnacle Education Hub, we aim to shape students into confident, resilient learners through interactive lessons where students actively participate in building content knowledge. With the help of specially curated materials and strong emphasis on answering techniques, we are confident that our students will be able to achieve the pinnacle of success.


Xavier Ng

Curriculum Director